How We Paid Off $3000 in Debt in 3 Months

It has been three months now since I started tracking our finances and it has definitely been an eye opening experience to see where all of our money is going each month and how much we have been spending. If you have been following along on our journey to become debt free, you may have read my January and February expense posts. Luckily for you, I am not going to do a detailed expense report for March. I know you don’t care what we are spending our money on, so I’ll just get right to it..

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Minecraft Birthday Party

This past year Penelope turned 7 and for her birthday party she wanted it to be Minecraft themed! We had a Minecraft birthday party for Kiara several years ago, so I kind of had an idea of what we would do.

I have always enjoyed making fun things for the kids birthday parties. So off to the inter web and Pinterest I went to start looking for food and cake ideas.

So I made a list of everything I wanted to make and I did a pre-run with a couple of cakes the week before. I am no professional cake decorator, so I am really glad I did this ahead of time because the one I was originally trying to make for her turned out awful! So onto cake number two. That one turned out much better. Here are the ones I ended up making for the party:

creeper cake                 minecraft cake

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What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Buying a House

Enjoying the backyard!
Excited to have our own backyard!

I grew up in a household where the only thing said about money was, “we don’t have any money”. We were poor. Maybe we weren’t. I think my parents made decent money, they just didn’t manage it well. We were always moving. It’s been awhile since I have thought about it, but I think I lived in ten different houses with my parents by the time I was 18.

Owning a home was something I rarely thought about. Honestly, I probably would have been headed down the same path as my parents had I not met J.C.. I had rented 4 places by the time J.C. and I got together when I was 22 and already had a decent amount of debt. J.C. had just closed on his house shortly after we had gotten together and that’s where we lived for the next 6 years. We’ve only rented one apartment and that was for 6 months when we moved to Texas. Continue reading “What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Buying a House”