So it’s the last day of January, 2018. It’s hard to believe we are a month into the new year already. I feel like it has been a pretty productive month for me. I started my new job at a hospital here in town on the 8th. I think I will like it there. Everyone is extremely nice and welcoming. Obviously nursing is the same no matter where I work. It will just take some getting used to the charting and hospital policies/protocols. The shorter drive is definitely a plus as well. I go back to nightshift tonight. I am going to miss being on a normal schedule.

I’ve been working out consistently since January 7th and trying to eat healthier. I can definitely tell a difference. I love having energy and actually wanting to exercise every day. It makes my body feel so good. I just hope it doesn’t change when I get back on my nightshift schedule. It’s hard to work out on the days I work 12 hour nights. But I will make it work. I am determined to have some abs by summer. On the downside, I hurt my hip again yesterday during one of the last exercises of the workout yesterday. So I was pretty much laid up on an ice pack and heat the rest of the day and night yesterday. It’s pretty painful and I’m not sure what’s going on in there. Hopefully I can get a scan in the next couple of weeks. Thankfully I have J.C. to help me around the house and with back rubs. I don’t know what I would do without him. I am pretty bummed out though because when I hurt my hip last August, it took 5 months for it and my lower back to stop hurting. I finally thought it was better. So it kind of puts a dent in my exercise schedule again. It’s a good thing I go have to work the next few nights, so I will be able to let it rest for several days. I will still continue to try to do some yoga and light stretching on my off days and hope that my hip heals faster than 5 months this time. That way I can get back to the P90X soon.

On a more positive note, it is nice to be working again and I look forward to some steady income. I also start another new job in a couple weeks. So I am looking forward to that as well. I am not one to make New Years resolutions, but I do have some long term goals that I have set for myself, mostly to do with our finances. I’m such a budget/finance nerd, so that makes me happy. I will save all of that for another blog though.