One thing that I haven’t done since I’ve started on my journey to a better financial future is actually sit down and figure out where all my money is going every month. Obviously I know I’m paying bills, buying gas, groceries, and eating out occasionally. But I wanted to see exactly how much was going where. I kind of wish I hadn’t done it because I was a bit disappointed in our January expenses. Especially when compared to our January income! That explains why our credit card debt was going up. Which I know it had been in October through December since I wasn’t working as much. January I started a new job so I still didn’t have my full 36 hours in weekly like I normally would. So it definitely has been a rough few months. I was just blown away by how much we spent on stuff we didn’t need!

I have to say I’m a little ashamed of the numbers. But it definitely has made me try to be more conscious of our spending for this month. I don’t know that we’ve actually been much better though. After the 1st, I will sit down and go through all of February’s. I can only hope it’s a little bit better than January!

Okay. So here it is. Don’t judge!

January expenses – $6538.29

January income – $2857.40

Like what in the world is that?! How did we spend almost $4000 more than we brought in?! Obviously the difference was all put on credit cards. Which I hate to admit, but the real question is what did we spend all that money we didn’t have on?

I tried to break it down in categories when writing everything out and I came up with 15. I need to narrow it down for February.

First off I want to say that normally our income would be more, but due to me being in between jobs I had a little lapse in paychecks. My income only totaled to $2382.40. J.C. has been selling some stuff around the house on eBay and with that he brought in about $422. His was actually much less after you take out shipping, eBay and PayPal fees which totaled to about $175! So really only $247 of that was ours. He also manages a website for someone and usually brings in $50-60 a month from that.

So here is a little breakdown of our expenses:

$2211.79 – going to continuing monthly expenses that are usually the same every month which include: mortgage, health/dental/car insurance, utilities, cable/phone/internet.

$1117.22 – groceries, and whatever else we may have purchased at these stores. I just have gem categorized as H-E-B, Walmart, and Target. The 3 places we shop at most.

$720.75 – doctor appointments! Although $450 of that was for new glasses for J.C. and Kiara.

$691.57 – paid to credit accounts! This is a good one! This is the one I would like to see higher each month. This includes our car and credit cards.

$338.78 – dining out/entertainment

$217.31 – gas

$83.32 – clothes for someone

$54.05 – pharmacy = prescriptions

$1043.70 – This is literally just a bunch of random stuff that I didn’t think fit into other categories. Some of it could go into groceries I guess. Maybe next month. One of the reasons it’s so high is because I bought Schlitterbahn passes which totaled up to $546.60 for all 5 of us. I know it sounds like a lot but I actually just renewed ours which was a lot cheaper if I did it before the end of the year.

I am going to try to do this monthly so I can see if we are making any progress or if there are areas we can do better in. I’m really hoping February will look much better. We will see in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!