It’s that time again! February is over, so it is time for the February expenses. I wanted to get Februarys posted before April, so I sat down and got it finished much sooner than I did Januarys. The numbers came out a little better this time, but we still aren’t where I would like to be. I know we are only 3 months into this journey, so there is still plenty of time for improvements!Here it is:

February expenses – $7576.63

February income – $9828.20

February savings – $181.43

Now if you read my January expenses post, you can see that we are much better with or income versus our spending. Yes, we did spend more, but we got our taxes back and paid off two credit cards! So that is exciting! As you can see I added savings in there for February. I want to start saving more while paying off debts, so I thought I would start documenting this as well to see if we make any progress with our savings. We bank with Bank of America and have keep the change with our savings and with that we saved $25.01 in change. The rest was from my retirement that is deducted from my checks.

For February my income totaled to $4558.58. This still isn’t with me working full time hours. I finished orientation with my second job and will officially be on my 36 hour schedule this week. I hope I can get a couple days of overtime to add to our income to pay off more debt. J.C. actually had a little more income, coming in at $1330.82. Most of that is from selling stuff. But he did get his first check from subbing too! Even though his income looks high from eBay, remember that he does have to pay fees for both eBay and PayPal, as well as shipping, which all totaled up to about $240.

Here is the breakdown of our expenses:

$2612.92 – paid to credit accounts! This includes two that we paid off, so I am pretty excited about that!

$2147.74 – going to continuing monthly expenses that are usually the same every month: mortgage, health/dental/car insurance, utilities, cable/phone/internet.

$1124.23 – groceries, household items

$385.30 – dining out. This actually went up from January. I would like to see this go down, not up.

$340.04 – doctor appointments

$211.84 – clothes, candles (I am a sucker for Bath and Body Works candles!)

$109.41 – gas

$35.05 – pharmacy

$499.04 – the miscellaneous stuff that I still can’t seem to find a category for.

January to February debts:

$240,639.95 – $238,573.82 = $2066.13

A little over $2000 in debt paid off since January. I know the payment to credit accounts said $2612, but I did use a couple cards after I made January payments. Since I’ve paid two smaller ones off though, I’m trying not to use any at all. Hopefully it stays that way.

We did incur another expense in February because we signed our middle daughter up at the local gymnastics studio, which she loves by the way. She is in the ninja kids class. We usually let her play a sport in the fall and spring, and that’s what she chose for this spring.

One good thing I know happened in February is J.C. finished 2 classes! That’s already 3 since January! Definitely awesome for him. I know it’s not always easy for him to find the time when taking care of the girls most of the time when I’m working, dealing with me when I’m not, and everything else he is doing. But I’m proud of how much he has accomplished in just 8 months. He is sticking to his goal, and that’s not always easy to do. Don’t forget to head on over to his blog at!

A goal I would like to make this month is to try to work at least one extra day. If it were up to J.C. he would probably want me to work one extra day a week, lol! I have to be realistic though, it is much easier to choose family over work. I know that if I want to get stuff paid off faster that I need to work more, so I am going to try. Wish me luck!