February Expenses

It’s that time again! February is over, so it is time for the February expenses. I wanted to get Februarys posted before April, so I sat down and got it finished much sooner than I did Januarys. The numbers came out a little better this time, but we still aren’t where I would like to be. I know we are only 3 months into this journey, so there is still plenty of time for improvements! Continue reading “February Expenses”

January Expenses

One thing that I haven’t done since I’ve started on my journey to a better financial future is actually sit down and figure out where all my money is going every month. Obviously I know I’m paying bills, buying gas, groceries, and eating out occasionally. But I wanted to see exactly how much was going where. I kind of wish I hadn’t done it because I was a bit disappointed in our January expenses. Especially when compared to our January income! That explains why our credit card debt was going up. Which I know it had been in October through December since I wasn’t working as much. January I started a new job so I still didn’t have my full 36 hours in weekly like I normally would. So it definitely has been a rough few months. I was just blown away by how much we spent on stuff we didn’t need! Continue reading “January Expenses”

It’s only the beginning

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve read a lot of finance books and blogs. There is so much I’ve learned financially that I wish I would have known 10 years ago. Maybe if I would have stuck with my initial career path then I would know this. I’ve always had a love for numbers.. but as I get older and we don’t deal with numbers a whole lot as a floor nurse, I think I’m losing some of the basic math skills that I could easily just do in my head before. Now my husband is the one always answering me when I ask how much this or that is? He is always giving me crap when it comes to leaving a tip! It’s like my brain can’t even add or move a decimal anymore, which makes me sad. Continue reading “It’s only the beginning”