What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Buying a House

Enjoying the backyard!
Excited to have our own backyard!

I grew up in a household where the only thing said about money was, “we don’t have any money”. We were poor. Maybe we weren’t. I think my parents made decent money, they just didn’t manage it well. We were always moving. It’s been awhile since I have thought about it, but I think I lived in ten different houses with my parents by the time I was 18.

Owning a home was something I rarely thought about. Honestly, I probably would have been headed down the same path as my parents had I not met J.C.. I had rented 4 places by the time J.C. and I got together when I was 22 and already had a decent amount of debt. J.C. had just closed on his house shortly after we had gotten together and that’s where we lived for the next 6 years. We’ve only rented one apartment and that was for 6 months when we moved to Texas. Continue reading “What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Buying a House”

How much debt is too much debt?

When is the last time you sat down and added up all of your debt? It is so easy to just get carried away with spending, especially if you have multiple credit cards.

This past week I sat down and totaled up all of our debts we have. As much as I’ve been wanting to take control of our finances, I had yet to do this. I was actually quite surprised with the final number. Our current debts amount to roughly $240,000.

Seeing as you can barely buy a new house equivalent to the size of ours in our area for less than that, I didn’t think it was too bad! Our mortgage and J.C.’s student loans take up the bulk of that number, coming in at $199,000. So the other 41 of that is our car, several credit cards, furniture, and a family member loan. Continue reading “How much debt is too much debt?”