How We Paid Off $3000 in Debt in 3 Months

It has been three months now since I started tracking our finances and it has definitely been an eye opening experience to see where all of our money is going each month and how much we have been spending. If you have been following along on our journey to become debt free, you may have read my January and February expense posts. Luckily for you, I am not going to do a detailed expense report for March. I know you don’t care what we are spending our money on, so I’ll just get right to it..

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January Expenses

One thing that I haven’t done since I’ve started on my journey to a better financial future is actually sit down and figure out where all my money is going every month. Obviously I know I’m paying bills, buying gas, groceries, and eating out occasionally. But I wanted to see exactly how much was going where. I kind of wish I hadn’t done it because I was a bit disappointed in our January expenses. Especially when compared to our January income! That explains why our credit card debt was going up. Which I know it had been in October through December since I wasn’t working as much. January I started a new job so I still didn’t have my full 36 hours in weekly like I normally would. So it definitely has been a rough few months. I was just blown away by how much we spent on stuff we didn’t need! Continue reading “January Expenses”

It’s only the beginning

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve read a lot of finance books and blogs. There is so much I’ve learned financially that I wish I would have known 10 years ago. Maybe if I would have stuck with my initial career path then I would know this. I’ve always had a love for numbers.. but as I get older and we don’t deal with numbers a whole lot as a floor nurse, I think I’m losing some of the basic math skills that I could easily just do in my head before. Now my husband is the one always answering me when I ask how much this or that is? He is always giving me crap when it comes to leaving a tip! It’s like my brain can’t even add or move a decimal anymore, which makes me sad. Continue reading “It’s only the beginning”